Glen Martin B-26 Marauder

These are the last seconds of a Glen Martin B-26 Marauder of the 320. Bomb Group/441. bombing squadron of US Air Force which was hit by anti-aircraft guns over Marzabotto, in northern Italy, on July 10, 1944. The right wing broke off from the engine nacelle. After a rapid fall, the plane crashed and exploded. The fall was so fast, that no member of the crew was able to eject and all six perished in the explosion.

The 320th Bomb Group had taken off from Decimomannu, in Sardinia to conduct a bombing on the railway bridges in the region of Marzabotto during operation ‘Mallory’ whose aim was to destroy the railway infrastructure crossing the Po valley. The target was bombed at 5:20 PM local by 9 planes which dropped seventy-two 500-pound bombs.